All about Azaleodendrons

Azaleodendron is a group of hybrids between deciduous or evergreen azaleas and hybrid rhododendrons.
Azaleodendrons are generally fully hardy, semi-evergreen shrubs, 1.1-2.25 m (3-8ft) tall, flowering in late spring and early summer.
The first successful hybrid ever recorded in rhododendrons is said to have been an azaleodendron.
This hybrid was a natural cross between Rhododendron nudiflorum x R. ponticum. ('Azaleoides').

On July 21 2009 this Azaleodendron-project started. Everyone with information about azaleodendrons, or photos, can contact the webmaster.
The Azaleodendron-project and this website aims at a complete overview of azaleodendrons, hybridizers, nurseries that sell azaleodendrons, photos and so on.

This website has no commercial purpose.
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Glory of Littleworth azaleodendron, photo by Rinus manders, Netherlands
Azaleodendron Glory of Littleworth
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